Sep. 11th, 2011

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No whining, fussing, worries, depression, or overcranked mania;  just a nice fun night hanging out, talking and playing a few games with friends.  Ahhhh.  Want more like it.

Kids costumes coming along slowly but surely.  Should have something to show by the end of the coming week.  :)

Found out for sure that laptop's only problem is a kaput battery, so yay! on that point (I am no longer computer-less as long as I remove the dead battery and plug in via the wall socket -- oddly won't work if the battery is still in there even when plugged in, but hey!  I'm not cut off!)   Will be finding out about the more complicated issues with the desktop possibly as soon as Wednesday, wish us luck!

The only thing I'm remotely worried about is that I found out that the nice neuropsychologist (who was supposed to test, evaluate and possibly diagnose this memory loss thing of mine) is actually NOT in our insurance network, which thoroughly sucks.  There aren't many of them, and only 2 in our area, whom it turns out neither of them accept our insurance, as good as it is.   Pbtttht.  So that essentially means I'm going to have to go on quite a search for someone ANYWHERE in the remotely local area who might be, or just give up and accept my fate as we're not made of money.  Kinda sucks, but I'm not going to let it get me down right now.  I've had too much fun lately to let this news spoil the moment. 

It does however, make me an even firmer believer in socialized medicine and wondering when in hell this country will come to its senses (I was a staunch supporter before but this has galvanized it yet again).  The answer is "probably never" unless some nameless hero goes about abducting all the greedy and ill-informed republican masses and shipping them off to uncharted islands somewhere where they can all drive each other nuts.  I guess for the sanity of any possible children they might concieve, we should get them all fixed first.

/* Comes down off soapbox now */

So anyway, have a good night, all and sweet dreams and all that good stuff.


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