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Just perusing journals using the friends of friends feature and came across these awesome things:

from [ profile] riotclitshave we have the following, which I thought were awesome:


[ profile] darksumomo had these:

The tree just rocks.  I'm not sure if it's a photomanipulation or not, but I'm hoping that someone just did some creative additions to a tree they found.

[ profile] evilgrins had this one with the following question:

"So, is this:
A) Cute?
B) Likely to eat your face?"

I vote yes for both, but also think petting it would be so totally worth it!  Of course, I'm used to having psychotic cats around the house.
If you're curious what kind of cat it is, it's a Pallas cat, which is an endangered wild cat, so yes, very likely to eat your face.

And last of all [ profile] hellogoodtay had an interesting post about recession economics and alien invasions (also speaking to how things can be purposefully taken out of context and that FOX news viewers are idiots, but well, we already knew that last part.)  It's a long post so rather than cutting and pasting it, I'll just give ya the link:
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