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So these last few nights, I've been taking a proactive klonopin to help me sleep and it's been working wonders, at least in me not getting caught in thought ruts or panic attacks right before sleepy time.  Tonight I glitched it, which is why I'm still awake in the wee morning hours.

I am sooo looking forward to the weekend.  We've got some guests coming to hang out and play games, etc, with us, but I'm also part way started on the girls' Halloween costumes, and I really want to get those cranked out quickly so I don't feel rushed when we start getting closer to the date.  Plus I'd like some nice pics of them in the costumes before the actual trick-or-treating begins.

Our computers hate us.  The laptop magically healed itself when Dwayne brought it in to work and plugged it in, but he's still got it there to have it looked at, just in case. (Its problem was simply that the screen wouldn't come up, now it does.  Go figure.)  However now our desktop is giving me fits, I left it on for a few hours after my last online session and suddenly nothing I could do would bring up the display.  (sounding suspiciously familiar...) Ctrl-Alt-Del did nothing so I did a hard reboot.  Then it tells me it needs to do a scan (compatibility scan perhaps? Well something starting with a "C" blah blah scan anyhow) on our D: drive and comes up with a huge list of blocks of data that are unreadable, tells me to restart and try again and if I see the same warning to shut it down and go get some techie genius to throw money at.   Oookay.  Rebooted computer -- did the same scan thingy, found even more unreadable data blocks then it stalled, but never gave me the same warning screen.  Rebooted again in Safe Mode without Networking and tried again.  Lots of stuff apparently loading as it comes up line by line, but then we get stuck again and computer won't respond.  I shut off computer and bang head on something hard.  We really can't afford this right now.

I'm on my husband's work computer laptop right now, which means I'm cut off during the day -- a feeling which I hate even if I don't have anything to do on it, but this time around I actually was in the middle of a fairly good bit of story, that now I don't have access to, despite the fact that my brain has now decided to brim full of ideas.  Evil muses in league with computer demons.

End of griping.  Just had to share. 

End of the first week of school for the kids.  They've enjoyed themselves, but have snarked a bit over lack of snack choices.   The school has outlawed so many different things, I'm afraid we don't have a wide variety to choose from, so I pretty much just had to tell Emma to suck it up and eat what we managed to pack for her.  She's getting hot lunches at school, per her request, so it's not all that redundant after all!

Dwayne and I, now having plowed thru the Enterprise series are tackling Arrested Development, a very funny series kind of like the Soap show was of the 80's but with much better and cohesive plot.  I know, it's been on for years, but we always hop on the boat when the show's almost over.  Did it for Lost (clicked into it in season 3), and Desperate Housewives (season 4 there, I think), managed it with the end of the Rave movement here in the States (which was very sad indeed), and of course now that I'm thinking Steampunk might be fun, it looks like although I'm not entirely alone in coming late to the party, I may have missed the most fun bits as it is now being overrun with the (even) weirder folks -- I'm sure soon they'll work out how to have fairy wings attached to their outfits, much like what happened to Ren Faires.  C'est la vie.
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