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I'm one of those people who makes witty, dry-humor remarks that get me blank looks while I feel awkward that no one got it. (See "sarchasm") I'm a geek and enjoy the SCA, medieval and renaissance dance, some D&D , and I adore quantum physics. I read: sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, Terry Pratchett, Joan Hess, M.C. Beaton, and Brian Greene. I think Tim Minchin is a comedy genius, and I've got a degree in web design, though that's not how I make my living. I like getting to know other people who think outside the box as I find them so much more interesting than your run-of-the-mill mundane.

I'm into Buddhist philosophy though as far as religion goes, I'm an atheist. I love to write, am a movie junkie (especially independent films), I've got a strange duality of shy and outgoing happening (usually simultaneously), love to read, and tend to be a smart-ass if I know you well enough. I've now run out of things to say. :)

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activism, alternative energy, alternative lifestyles, ancient history, animals, anthropology, atheism, babies and kids, barak obama, bbc news, bdsm, being goofy, being quiet, bi-polar, biking, board games, bread, brian greene, buddhism, camping, cats, chaos, colbert report, communal living, consciousness studies, conspiracy theories, corsetry, corsets, costuming, coupling (brit version), creative writing, creativity, cuddling, doctor who, dorks, dreams, eddie izzard, environment, ethnic cuisine, fanfic, farmer's markets, fictional characters, film, firefly, fnord, foreign movies, forensic science, forests, friends, friendship, gaming, gardening, geeks, geothermal, halloween, hiking, historical re-enactment, horseback riding, html, hugs, humanism, humour, intelligence, intentional community, joan hess, jon stewart, kalamazoo, kindness, kink, labyrinths, laughing, learning, lightning, living history, long hot baths, long hugs, lost, love, medieval dance, meditation, mediterranean diet, movies, multiculturalism, mythology, nanowrimo, naps, nerds, new zealand, npr, open minded, order of the stick, p.g. wodehouse, pacifism, paint shop pro, painting, parallel universes, peace, pennsic, peoplewatching, period costuming, poi poi, political satire, polyamory, psychology, quantum physics, quantum psychology, reading, reading in the bathtub, reality, reenactment, renaissance, renaissance dance, renaissance faires, richard feynman, rpgs, sca, sci fi/fantasy, sewing, shakespeare, sherlock, sign language, steampunk, stephen colbert, storms, string theory, sunlight, sunshine, sushi, sustainable living, talking, techno, terry pratchett, the bbc, the daily show, the flying spaghetti monster, the splendid table, this american life, thunderstorms, torchwood, travel, trees, vegetarian cooking, vintage clothes, walking, webpage design, word play, writing, xkcd, zen
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