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Ok, so I'm sitting here in front of the computer munching on some freshly-out-of-the-oven Pumpkin Cranberry bread.  Yummm!!!  (This is why I don't usually bake, by the way!  I tend to eat it all up as soon as it's done.)  And I'm wondering what happened...I mean, I used to, not long ago, find lots of interesting things to do on the web.   Now I can barely find any, and that's including watching TV online (even with the slight pickin's, it's still more than none).

I hop on, check my email, my web comic, any new web broadcasts, facebook, lj, and that's it.  It sounds like a lot, but it really goes fast, I'm done in an hour and a half IF I have to sit thru an episode, if there's no broadcast, then it's thirty minutes, tops.   Ok, end of that gripe.

I went in and took my Piano I class final today, did really well, so at least I can expect I'll ace that one.  I cleaned out my gym locker (poor gym hasn't seen me once this last semester, despite my best intentions -- I'm hoping to do better next semester) and ran out to buy the book for Piano II.  Now I'm just killing time, waiting for midnight so I can log in and register for it.  Then I've got to run my butt down there tomorrow and pay for it all, after figuring out which disciple to rob to pay what other one.

Anyway, that's the news here, I'm off to tackle the unending stream of laundry, and hopefully clean out the closets a bit more.  Wish me luck on the registration bit.


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