Sep. 17th, 2011

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 The electricity monster is definitely out to get us.  It's already zotted two computers and its latest victim seems to be our landline phone.

Time to unplug everything, methinks, throw out all the surge protectors, as they obviously are not doing their jobs, and buy all new really pricey ones.  

I have no idea how this last one got zapped unless there's some sort of power weirdness going on with our main lines.  There haven't been storms in the last couple of days, so I'm confused, but there the phone sits, blinking sadly at us and proclaiming there is no power to the base, when it needs power from the base just to announce that sad fact.  The handset won't do anything except display that message now, and it won't play back any messages or let us dial out.  We've checked the connections about a zillion times and tried different sockets, and well, it's dead Jim.  I guess I should call the power company and see if there are similar complaints coming in and just avoid plugging anything in until this is cleared up.  We're running out of items for it to kill.

Needless to say, if you need to call us, use the cell phones.
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A gaming gem of an observation from [ profile] lederhosen, which was too good not to repost here:

"Also: why is it always sewers? Why is it never "oh the only possible way to where you need to be is through M. Royale's House Of Boutique Cheeses And Tasteful Furnishings"? "


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